High School Academic Awards



Monday, May 10, 2021

Awards will be given to the student with the highest overall average per subject.  There will be one award given to each EAP or Advanced Placement, and college prep subject.

An Arete award will also be given for each subject. Arete is a Greek word that means excellence of any kind; the act of living up to one’s full potential. Sometimes translated as “virtue,” the word actually means something closer to “being the best you can be,” or “reaching your highest human potential.”


Ninth Grade:               Girls Highest Average – Allie Burgess                        Arete – Alexis Adams

Tenth Grade:              Highest Average – Dane Carter                                  Arete – Kristen Coleman

Eleventh Grade:          Highest Average – Alejandra Avalos Belloso              Arete – Bianca Parr

Twelfth Grade:            Highest Average – Ben Clapp                                     Arete – Emma Reeves

Worship Arts:             Highest Average – Ashton McCutcheon                     Arete – Felise Bressler



English I:                     CP Highest Average – Thy Nguyen                            Arete – Fikayo Bello

EAP –  Madison Doss                                                 Arete – Allie Burgess

English II:                   CP Highest Average – Angel Machado                       Arete – Ashley Ryan

EAP –  Kristen Coleman                                             Arete – Zach Wigginton

English III:                  CP Language Highest Average – Louis Nguyen          Arete – Lucy Santa Maria

AP Language – Alejandra Avalos Belloso                   Arete – Amy Cai

English IV:                  CP Literature Highest Avg. – Ashton McCutcheon    Arete – Eliza Willhoit

AP Literature – Ben Clapp                                         Arete – Faith Seybert

AP Seminar                 Highest Average – Gemma Prince                              Arete – Reagan Mate

Advanced International English Highest Average:  Jaylynn Allen                   Arete – Emily Tran

Speech :           1st Semester Highest Average – Britt Linton                             Arete – Rania Tumajan

2nd Semester Highest Average – Josephine Samuel                     Arete – Sam Utay


MATH AWARDS – Mrs. Martin

Algebra I:                    CP Highest Average – Lauren Maxwell                      Arete – Kaitlin Bromley

EAP – Erin Abels                                                        Arete – Alexis Adams

Geometry:                   CP Highest Average – Sean Hui                                 Arete – Taylor Barnes

EAP –  Madison Doss                                                 Arete – Dane Carter

Algebra II:                   CP Highest Average – Emma Reeves                          Arete – Bianca Parr

EAP –  Louis Nguyen                                                  Arete – Kristen Coleman

Pre-Cal:                       EAP –  Alejandra Avalos Belloso                                Arete – Gemma Prince

College Algebra:          Highest Average – Quan Vu                                       Arete – Belle Pham

AP Calculus:               Highest Average – Ben Clapp                                     Arete – Kylin Sun



Biology:                       CP Highest Average – Erin Abels                               Arete – Kaitlin Bromley

EAP – Madison Doss                                                  Arete – Josephine Samuel

Environmental Science: Anh Vu My Nguyen                                                   Arete – Andrew Daignault

Chemistry:                   CP Highest Average – Angel Machado                       Arete – Faith Grigar

EAP –  Haley Muse                                                     Arete – Zach Wigginton

Physics:                       CP Highest Average – Belle Pham                              Arete – Katelyn Velasco

EAP – Faith Seybert                                                    Arete – Lucy Santa Maria

AP Biology:                 Highest Average – Christine Abels                              Arete – Gemma Prince

AP Chemistry:             Alejandra Avalos Belloso                                            Arete – Faith Seybert

Forensics:                    Highest Average – Emma Reeves                                Arete – Erika Gorski

EAP Anatomy/Physiology: Highest Average – Felise Bressler                              Arete – Brittany Garland

AP Psychology            Highest Average – Felise Bressler                               Arete – Savanna Zavidny



WH/Geography I:       CP Highest Average – Katimi Anom                          Arête – London Arthur

EAP –  Madison Doss                                                 Arête – Angelina Lomax

WH/Geography II:     CP Highest Average – Demi Alli                                Arete – Max Hill

AP European History: Kristen Coleman                                                        Arete – Dane Carter

US History:                 CP Highest Average – Louis Nguyen                          Arete – Hannah Wiggins

AP – Alejandra Avalos Belloso                                   Arete – Reagan Mate

Government:               CP Highest Average –Anh Vu My Nguyen                 Arete – Eliza Willhoit

AP –Faith Seybert                                                       Arete – Jana van Dyk

Economics:                 CP Highest Average –Anh Vu My Nguyen                 Arete – Jaylynn Allen

EAP –  Elizabeth Fowler                                             Arete – Benjamin Clapp



Spanish I:                    EAP –  Josephine Samuel                                            Arete – Madison Doss

Spanish II:                   CP Highest Average – Charity Montgomery               Arete – Nathan Hopp

EAP – Bao Le                                                             Arete – Jack Willhoit

French I:                     Alexis Adams




Miranda Tryon

Jana Mari van Dyk

Savanna Zavidny



Brittany Garland



Caitlin Hirst

Ashton McCutcheon

Andrew Tyrell

Eliza Willhoit



Savanna Zavidny



We would now like to recognize our Class of 2021 with the university they have chosen to attend, and scholarships received. We will also honor award recipients, present cords for the Regional Blood Donor, Golden Eagle Award, American Legion Girls State, PALs, Science Honor Society, FFA Honors, 4H Honors, International Thespian Society, NHS, Honor Graduate, and finally, our salutatorian and valedictorian for 2021.

Sebastian Aguilar – Lone Star College

Jaylynn Allen – Houston Baptist University, $72,000

Rebecca Barton – Texas A & M University

Beryl Bjork – gap year

Felise Bressler – Baylor University Honors Program, $105,000

Jonah Campbell – Texas A & M University

Ellen Carrico – Lone Star College

Thomas Cedeno – Culinary Institute of Arts

Ben Clapp – Texas A & M University

Kyle Coleman – Colorado School of Mines, $56,000

Andrew Daignault – United States Air Force

Lia Doherty – undecided

Parker Duck – United States Army

Sarah Elkins – Auburn University, $12,000

Molly Elmore – undecided

Victor Essien – University of Houston

Elizabeth Fowler – Millsaps College, $136,000

Brittany Garland – Abilene Christian University, $105,000

Erika Gorski – Abilene Christian University, $40,000

Caitlin Hirst – Blinn College

Michael Huang – University of British Columbia Vancouver

Caillin Linton – University of Houston CT Bauer Business School

Ashton McCutcheon – Baylor University, $92,000

Tony Meneses – University of Texas at San Antonio

Anh Nguyen – University of Texas at Dallas

Mark Nimri – Texas A & M/Blinn Team, $3,500

Andres Pena – Texas A & M at Texarkana

Belle Pham – Lone Star College

Ben Pham – Lone Star College

Nicholas Rangel – Trinity University, $100,000

Emma Reeves – Community College/undecided

Brett Roberts – Oklahoma Wesleyan, $10,000

Trent Robinson – IT Work in New Orleans

Jonathan Romero – Texas State University, $12,000

Hannah Ryan – Mary Hardin Baylor, $28,000

Faith Seybert – The College at Saint Constantine

Lauren Stanley – Texas A & M University

Matthew Stubbs – Houston Community College and Texas State University

Kylin Sun – University of Wisconsin at Madison

Miranda Tryon – Colorado State University

Rania Tumajan – University of Houston

Andrew Tyrell – Baylor University, $83,000

Jana van Dyk – Abilene Christian University, $129,000

Quan Vu – Houston Community College

Eliza Willhoit – undecided

Lin Yang – University of California, Davis

Savanna Zavidny – Baylor University, $92,000


Total scholarship money awarded to this year’s senior class: $3,600,164.00

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center “Blood Donor Cords” – Mrs. Martin (red cords)

Giving blood represents the sacrifice someone has made to save three lives and it paints a picture of Christ-like character. It upholds the principles of reverence toward god and responsibility to the community. These students have donated blood at least twice this year.

Beryl Bjork, Felise Bressler, Ellen Carrico, Thomas Cedeno, Ben Clapp, Andrew Daignault, Lia Doherty, Brittany Garland, Caitlin Hirst, Mark Nimri, Nicholas Rangel, Hannah Ryan, Lauren Stanley, Miranda Tryon

The Golden Eagle Award Cord – Mrs. Bickerstaff (gold and white cord)

The golden eagle award is being presented for community service. It is reserved for one graduating senior who has exhibited the highest commitment to community service and citizenship during their four years at Faith West Academy. This exclusive award is selected by the administration.

Savanna Zavidny


The 6th Annual Stephen V. Harnisch Community Service Scholarship This scholarship is being presented to the senior student that has accumulated the most volunteer/service hours over the course of their four years of high school. It is donated by the Harnisch family in memory of their nephew and Mrs. Bickerstaff’s first cousin.

Savanna Zavidny


The American Auxiliary Legion’s Girls State Program – Mr. Utt (red, white and blue cord)

Each summer young women are selected to participate in the American Auxiliary Legion’s Girls State Program. The program epitomizes the ALA’s mission to honor those who have brought us our freedom through developing young leaders grounded in patriotism and Americanism. This week-long summer program teaches young women the processes of state government and provides young women with learning, experience, memories, and friends.

Savanna Zavidny participated in this program, and is receiving a graduation cord for her participation.


The American Auxilliary Legion’s Boys State Program, presented by Mr. Utt

American Legion Boys State is a unique one-week educational program for rising high school seniors that focuses on participation and personal experience in a model state, complete with governmental bodies and elected public officials.  It is designed to mirror the structure and operation of its respective state government while providing training in practical citizenship, leadership and character development through a non-partisan perspective.

Jonah Campbell participated in this program, and is receiving a graduation cord for his participation.


Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Cord – Mrs. Strickland (red, white, and blue double cord)

Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America. Since its inception in 1911, only four percent of Scouts have earned this rank after a lengthy review process.[2] Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges. The Eagle Scout must demonstrate Scout Spirit, an ideal attitude based upon the Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout.

Kyle Coleman has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Kyle began his Boy Scout journey in the 1st grade. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout his sophomore year, a rank that is only achieved by 4% of Boy Scouts.


Speech and Debate Club Honor Cords (navy, burgundy, and white cords)

Felise Bressler, Sara Beth Elkins, Brittany Garland, Caitlin Hirst, Eliza Willhoit, Savanna Zavidny


PAL Cords – Ms. Burkhard (gold and navy cord)

PAL stands for Peer Assistance and Leadership.  These students are nominated, apply, and are then interviewed. PAL students offer mentorship to elementary and junior high students on a weekly basis.

Ellen Carrico, Brittany Garland, Erika Gorski, and Hannah Ryan


Science Honor Society Cords – Mrs.Wilcox (green, purple, and gold cords)

Science National Honor Society motto is a Latin phrase meaning “fortunate is one who understands the causes of things”.  The objective of SNHS is to:

  • To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought
  • To advance students’ knowledge of classical and modern science
  • To encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.

Jonah Campbell


FFA Honor Cords and Stoles – Mrs. Devane (gold and light blue cords)

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. As the blue field of our nation’s flag and the golden fields of ripened corn, unify our country, the FFA colors of the national blue and corn gold give unity to the organization. The national FFA emblem, consisting of five symbols, is representative of the history, goals and future of the organization. As a whole, the emblem covers the broad spectrum of FFA and agriculture. The graduation cord is intertwined with the National Blue and Corn Gold colors of the FFA to represent the unity of the program, with a charm of the FFA emblem at the bottom to symbolize FFA and agriculture.

Kyle Coleman, Andrew Daignault, Michael Huang, Caitlin Hirst, Mark Nimri, Ben Pham, Nicholas Rangel, Trent Robinson, Miranda Tryon


Competition Shooting Team Athletic Scholars – 4H Cords – Mrs. Peay (green and white cords)

4H and SCTP recognize the achievements of student athletes in the classroom and on the range. These students have put forth exceptional effort in their scholastic endeavors while also demonstrating exception leadership as tutors in advanced math for SAIL students, physics and engineering tutors, teachers aids, elected leadership positions, multi sport athletes and acting as assistant coach for JV athletes. Congratulations on your outstanding achievements.

Caitlin Hirst, Kyle Coleman, Nicholas Rangel, Andrew Daignault, Michael Huang, Ben Pham, Miranda Tryon


Advanced Floral Dual Certification Texas A&M and Texas State  – Top Student/President Medal – Mrs. Peay

Caitlin Hirst is the FIRST student at Faith West Academy to achieve dual CTE certifications from the Benz School of Design at Texas A&M and certification from the State of Texas from the TSFA accrediting body. Caitlin also served as the elected President of the Advanced Design class for 3 years while maintaining straight A performance. Caitlin has been recognized by industry thought leaders as an outstanding student. Congratulations Caitlin!


Fine Arts Scholarship Winners – Mrs. Maxwell

The Fine Arts Network exists to promote, assist, and help grow sponsorship of the Visual & Performing Arts Department at Faith West Academy. Graduating Seniors enrolled in a Fine Arts class with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 who anticipate full-time college enrollment may apply for the annual Fine Arts Network scholarship. Applicants are judged anonymously on their dedication and commitment, attitude, leadership, and character. The applicant also is required to explain how the Lord has made Himself known through the Arts, and how the applicant believes the Lord will use him or her through their experiences in the arts beyond high school.

Jonah Campbell, $1000 scholarship


International Thespian Society Medallions – Mr. Barrett

In November 2015, Faith West Academy petitioned the International Thespian Society for the privilege of chartering a Thespian troupe.  The theater arts program of FWA was determined to meet these standards and our application was accepted.  Troupe 8225 was created.

Since 1929, commitment to theater is what the International Thespian Society is all about.  It strives to make education and arts programs places for good theater and to honor those students who do theater well. Its membership has grown to over 2 million worldwide.

Each of the following seniors have met the criteria to be inducted into the Troupe and they have demonstrated high academic success in overall coursework to earn the distinction of a scholar medallion.

Vice President’s List Scholar Medallion:  Thomas Cedeno and Mark Nimri

President’s List Scholar Medallion:  Felise Bressler, Sarabeth Elkins, Elizabeth Fowler, Brittany Garland,

Ashton McCutcheon, Faith Seybert, Jana Van Dyk

Thespian Collar (highest points for Troupe 8225) – Brittany Garland


AP Capstone Cords – Mrs. Dubicki (silver and navy cords)

The College Board developed the AP Capstone program in order to provide engaged, highly-motivated students the opportunity to exceed the rigors of traditional AP courses and participate in interdisciplinary study. The Capstone program is recognized by universities as unique in its ability to help students develop the independent research, collaborative teamwork, and communication skills valued by colleges. For their senior year in AP Research, each of these students developed a research proposal, conducted independent research, and produced a 5,000 word academic thesis paper they will defend in front of a panel of experts before graduation. Success in the program requires a high degree of commitment, flexibility, and self-sufficiency, all of which these students have demonstrated during the past two years.

We are proud to present Faith West Academy’s 2021 AP Capstone diploma candidates

Rebecca Barton, Felise Bressler, Nicholas Rangel, and Savanna Zavidny.


National Honor Society Cords and Stoles – Mrs. Martin (dark blue and gold double cord)

Jaylynn Allen, Rebecca Barton, Beryl Bjork, Felise Bressler, Jonah Campbell, Benjamin Clapp, Kyle Coleman, Sarah Elkins, Elizabeth Fowler, Brittany Garland, Erika Gorski, Caitlin Hirst, Belle Pham, Ben Pham, Lauren Stanley, Andrew Tyrell, Jana van Dyk, Eliza Willhoit, Savanna Zavidny


Honor Student gold cords for those students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and above for four years – Mrs. Strickland

Jaylynn Allen, Rebecca Barton, Beryl Bjork, Felise Bressler, Jonah Campbell, Thomas Cedeno, Benjamin Clapp, Kyle Coleman, Andrew Daignault, Parker Duck, Sarah Elkins, Mary Fowler, Brittany Garland, Erika Gorski, Caitlin Hirst, Michael Huang, Caillin Linton, Ashton McCutcheon, Tony Meneses, Anh Vu My Nguyen,

Mark Nimri, Ben Pham, Belle Pham, Nicholas Rangel, Emma Reeves, Jonathan Romero, Faith Seybert,

Lauren Stanley, Kylin Sun, Andrew Tyrell, Jana van Dyk, Quan Vu, Eliza Willhoit, Lin Yang, Savanna Zavidny


Athletic Booster Club Scholarship Winners – Mrs. Hill

Jonah Campbell and Savanna Zavidny



Felise Bressler



Savanna Zavidny

Savanna will receive the Texas Education Agency Honor Graduate Certificate

for the highest ranking graduates in the senior class of 2021