Uniforms and Dress Code

The dress code policy begins when the student arrives on campus and will be enforced accordingly. We believe that a dress code is conducive to good study habits and that physical appearance and self-image are closely related.  Thus the student’s quality of appearance upgrades the student’s attitude toward self, others, their school, and responsibilities. In order for the student to comply with the spirit of the dress code, Administration has the final authority on any look that is distracting from the overall appearance of the student. Mohawk and dreadlock hairstyles and unnatural-color weaves or hair attachments are just some examples that do not comply with the spirit of the dress code. Any special clothing needs for a student may be brought to the attention of the administration for consideration.

School and PE Uniforms

Faith West uses FlynnO’Hara and Lands’ End as our uniform suppliers. Any items purchased previously from Parker Uniforms and any Faith West dri-fit polos are always acceptable.

FlynnO’Hara Uniforms

FlynnO’Hara offers three ways to obtain school uniforms:

  1. Order Online – To view uniform options, pricing, and shop year-round, visit www.flynnohara.com/school/TX010.
  2. Purchase in a Local Store – Visit us at 1022 Wirt Rd., Suite 322, Houston, TX 77055.
  3. Order by Phone – FlynnO’Hara Customer Service Department is available Monday through Saturday year-round to answer questions, track returns, and place orders.  Call toll-free at (800) 441-4122.


NOTE: Orders placed after August 1 cannot be guaranteed for delivery by the first day of school.

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear shirts may be worn on Friday, and RED Eagle nation shirts may be worn on Wednesday. 

Eagle Nation T-shirts and FWA Hoodies are available at Brammer’s Athletic WearHouse, 5017 E. 5th Street, Katy 77493
Parents must go in to Brammer’s to purchase and order T-shirts and Hoodies

Cotton Eagle Nation T-shirts – Youth and Adult Sizes
Small – Xlarge $7.25
2XL – $9.25
3XL – $10.25

FWA Hoodie
XSmall – Xlarge – $28.70

Small – Xlarge – $31.60
2XLarge – $32.60
3XLarge – $33.20
4XLarge – $33.70

2nd Time Around Used Uniform Sales

The PTO sponsors used uniform sales throughout the year. Check the News and Events for upcoming sales dates. The Used Uniform Store is located in room F 4, behind the gymnasium.

PE Uniforms

All 6th through 8th grade students must purchase PE uniforms consisting of shorts and a shirt ($15 each). You can purchase PE uniforms using a credit card or bank routing number through ActiveNetwork.  Please click the Order PE Uniforms Online button below. You may order as many as you like, but only one of each is required.  Your order will be delivered to your child at school.  Jr. High athletes may use PE uniforms as their practice clothing for Jr. High sports.

  • If you child is already playing a sport, you can log in as a Returning User and select PE Uniform.
  • If you are a new user, select New User and then select PE Uniform.

Order PE Uniforms Online

Dress Code at a Glance

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – Regular uniform polo or Dri-Fit polo, with uniform shorts, skirts, or pants. Please see below for proper length of shorts and skirts. (Note: All uniform bottoms must be from FlynnO’Hara, Lands’ End, or Parker.)

“Red-Out” Wednesdays – Jeans can be worn with either a red Eagle Nation T-shirt or red Regular uniform polo or red Dri-Fit polo only. Also, the red Eagle Nation T-shirt can be worn with uniform bottoms.  Otherwise, the regular school uniform polo and uniform bottoms must be worn. 

Friday – Regular uniform polo OR any approved FWA spirit shirt with uniform shorts, skirts, or pants. Seniors may wear jeans with the Regular uniform polo OR any approved FWA spirit shirt. (Jeans for others are allowed only on approved “Jeans Pass” days and only if you have received a Jeans Pass as a reward. There will be an email letting you know in advance.)

Jeans – Jeans, when approved, must be dark wash (blue) with no rips or distressing.

  • Shirts – Short or long sleeve uniform polo or Dri-Fit polo in red or navy only, with the Faith West logo
  • Slacks and shorts in twill khaki from approved uniform suppliers only
  • See “General Information” or the student handbook for details on other items such as hair length, jewelry, etc.
  • Shirts – Short or long sleeve uniform polo or Dri-Fit polo in red or navy only, with the Faith West logo
  • Slacks and shorts in twill khaki from approved uniform suppliers only
  • Skirts may be purchased in khaki and plaid from approved uniform suppliers, and must be at the approved length (at the knee). 
  • See “General Information” or the student handbook for details on other items, such as hair color, accessories, etc.
Complete Dress Code Information

Detailed information concerning the Faith West dress code can be found in the Elementary and Secondary handbooks.  Please visit the Handbooks page.

Cold Weather Dress Code Notes

Sweatshirts and Hoodies – Only Faith West outerwear is acceptable on campus. This includes the Faith West navy blue sweatshirt and hoodie, the navy blue Faith West athletic hoodie, and any of the outerwear sold through Parker Uniform.

Only whitelong or short-sleeved undershirts may be worn under Faith West polo shirts.

Outerwear, to be worn over FWA uniform for both boys and girls, will consist of navy FWA pullover sweatshirts, FWA zipper sweatshirts, and FWA Athletic sweatshirts. When cold weather necessitates a heavier coat be worn, it may only be worn outside of the classroom.

Socials (Homecoming, Prom, Sadie, etc.)

See the Socials and Dance Guidelines page for full details including non-FWA guests.

Induction, Promotion, and Graduation Ceremonies

Attire is professional dress for induction, promotion, and graduation ceremonies.

  1. All clothing must be within the FWA guidelines for modesty
  2. Suit, pantsuit, modest loose-fitting dress, skirts, slacks and tops
  3. Pants with belt loops must be belted
  4. No tank tops or spaghetti straps without a jacket, sweater, or scarf
  5. Hems may be no shorter than the tips of the fingers when standing
  6. Dress shoes: Please consider heel height for your own comfort and safety when navigating stairs, as well as the sound of heels on the stage 
  7. No athletic shoes, flip flops allowed
  8. Absolutely no jeans
  9. Any hair styles, colors, body piercing, or clothing outside of FWA dress code will require students to change or not participate in the induction ceremony.
  1. All clothing must be within the FWA guidelines for modesty.
  2. Shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress socks and shoes
  3. Pants with belt loops must be belted
  4. Jacket is optional
  5. No athletic shoes, flip flops allowed
  6. Absolutely no jeans
  7. Any hair styles, colors, body piercing, or clothing outside of FWA dress code will require students to change or not participate in the induction ceremony.


The student’s appearance is a parental as well as a personal responsibility.  We count on you, as parents, to help your child to be properly dressed each day.  Therefore, any actions taken by FWA to enforce the dress code will be primarily directed toward the parents, though such actions will, by necessity, impact the student himself.  Each student is responsible for adhering to regulations regarding dress codes and personal appearance at school and school functions.  This adherence is an indication of the student’s willingness to submit to authority, to abide by school regulations, and express a heart attitude of appreciation for being a student at FWA.

All teachers, both full and part-time, are responsible to see that dress code regulations are met.  Infractions, detentions, and/or suspensions will be given to students violating the FWA dress code. Dress code infractions will be handled through the principal’s office upon receipt of a teacher-generated email stating the violation. Some dress code violations will require a parent to bring an appropriate uniform in order to bring the student into dress code compliance.

General Information

  1. Any look that is sloppy or disheveled is unacceptable.
  2. All clothing must not be immodestly tight.
  3. The length of girl’s skirts must come below the knee.  Shorts and skorts may be no shorter than four inches above the knee.
  4. Belts are to be in solid colors of black or brown and worn with pants/shorts designed with loops.  No decorative attachments will be allowed on belts.  Shirts may be left untucked, and should be hip length.
  5. Pants must be worn at the waist and not lower.
  6. Only white, long or short-sleeved undershirts may be worn under appropriate polo shirts.
  7. Shoes and Socks:  House shoes/slippers, sandals, or shoes with open toes are not permitted. Footwear that resembles slippers in any way may not be worn. Tennis shoes with non-marking soles are needed for PE if other types of shoes are worn to school. All students must wear socks, tights, or hose in solid color white, red, navy, or black. Flesh tone tights or hose are also acceptable. Footless tights and leggings are not acceptable.
  8. Hair should be clean and neatly groomed.  Boys’ hair should not cover more than half of the collar, half the ear, or fall below the eyebrows.  Facial hair is not permitted. Sideburns can be no longer than earlobes. Mohawks, dreadlocks, hair attachments (weaves, feathers, etc.) in unnatural hair colors are not permitted.  Any hair ornaments such as bows or headbands must compliment the uniform and be in school colors (red, white, navy, and black). Students will be given three days to receive a haircut after an infraction has been issued.
  9. Earrings:  Male students may not wear earrings to school.  Female students may wear only three earrings per ear to school. Gauged spacers are not allowed. Visible rings or piercings on other parts of the body are not allowed.
  10. Tattoos:  FWA discourages the acquiring of tattoos as a statement or lifestyle choice.  All tattoos and body writing must be covered during school hours.
  11. Sweatshirts:  Pullover or zipper sweatshirts worn in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, etc. must have the FWA logo and be purchased from Parker School Uniforms or the FWA Athletic Department. An FWA polo shirt must be worn under sweatshirts. Sweatshirts cannot be over-sized, sloppy, or worn below hip level.  FWA jackets are acceptable.  All other outerwear and heavy coats may be worn as weather appropriate, but must not be worn inside the buildings.
  12. Friday Dress Code: Approved FWA T-shirts may be worn with uniform slacks, shorts, skirts, and skorts. An approved T-shirt is any T-shirt that has “Faith West” or “Faith West Academy” on it, or “blood drive T-shirts. Seniors must wear an approved T-shirt with jeans (no holes, frays, or patches on jeans).
  13. Hats may not be worn in the building during school hours.  Exception:  baseball caps may be worn during P. E. on the baseball field only.
  14. A student enrolled midyear or during the semester will have no more than five school days to meet dress code requirements.  Dress pants (preferably in khaki), skirts, dresses, and collared shirts will be acceptable on those days.  Jeans will not be permitted.
  15. Excessive, gang, or drug related jewelry must not be worn.
  16. All students must wear FWA PE uniforms during PE, athletic periods, and athletic practices.  Shirts cannot be cut off at the sleeves or altered in any way.
  17. Alterations to the uniform such as: slit hems in pants, cut shirt sleeves, holes in jacket cuffs, holes in pants, etc. will not be permitted  This does not apply to hems or necessary fitting alterations.
  18. If a class, grade level, or entire school body earns a “Jeans Day” as a special promotion or event, it will be held on the last Thursday of the month.