Registration and Withdrawal Policies

Registration Policies

Faith West Academy does adhere to certain registration policies.

  1. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. The registration fee for kindergarten through 12th grade is $600.00 for the first student in a family and $300 for each additional student. Preschool registration is $250 per student.
  3. Each family must pay the appropriate fees before the Registrar will begin to process the paperwork for enrollment.
  4. To offer our currently enrolled families a better chance at a limited number of classroom seats, FWA holds a re-enrollment period from February 1 until February 15. After February 15, remaining classroom seats are opened to prospective new students.
  5. FWA has a Selective Admissions Policy. All of the applications will be assessed, and remaining classroom seats will be allotted at the FWA administration’s discretion.
  6. Factors affecting FWA admission include:
    • Appropriate match of the student’s needs and FWA’s ability to meet those needs.
    • Former enrollment at FWA or siblings enrolled at FWA.
    • Academic performance as indicated on report cards, transcripts and testing results.
    • Conduct performance as indicated on report cards and transcripts.
    • Cooperation, attitude, and effort as indicated on report cards and transcripts.
    • Information gleaned from interviews with the student and parents.
    • Information gleaned from the application and recommendations.

Withdrawal Policies

Faith West Academy does adhere to certain withdrawal policies.

  1. All withdrawals must be made by contacting the Registrar’s office.
  2. Parents remain responsible for the complete year’s tuition after the first day of school.
  3. All outstanding fees must be paid in full and school-owned devices must be returned before FWA can release any student records or transfer I-20’s to the requesting transfer school.
  4. No records for I-20 student will be transferred to a non I-20 school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does registration begin?
A: Open registration begins on February 16.

Q: What fees do I need to pay to register my student?
A: $600 registration fee for the 1st student and $300 for each additional student. Preschool registration is $250.

Q: When can I submit my application?
A: All applications are available online. Please note that February 1-15 is reenrollment for our current students. New student enrollment begins on February 16. Any new student application submitted prior to the 16th WILL NOT be counted in the queue until February 17. As of February 16, as soon as you have completed your online application, simply click submit.

Q: Do I need to submit additional information when I submit the application?
A: Yes. You may scan and attached your child’s previous two years report cards, his/her most recent standardized test, a copy of his/her birth certificate, and immunizations into your online application or fax them to 281-391-2606.

Q: Why do I need to turn in report cards, test scores, immunizations, and a copy of my child’s birth certificate with the application if they are a part of the Transcript Request Form?
A: FWA’s primary purpose in sending the Transcript Request Form is to get a copy of your child’s official transcript and all discipline records. When parents submit the academic and medical records with their application, it greatly speeds up the enrollment process.

Q: How do I know if my child has been accepted?
A: When we receive an application from February to May for the upcoming school year, we review all documents. At that point, we can issue a conditional acceptance.  A conditional acceptance ensures that a spot has been reserved for your child. Your child’s acceptance will be confirmed after entrance testing has been reviewed and once the final report card is received, on the condition that the final report card is consistent with his/her previous report cards. When we receive an application over the summer, we will contact families regarding admission status as soon as we are able to review all of the information and make a final decision.

Q: Does my child have to test to be accepted?
A: Yes.  All students must take an entrance exam.

  • Kindergarten through 4th grade testing will take place at Faith West.  There will be a $50 testing fee.  Please email Cathy Sturm ( to schedule a day and time.
  • Students entering 5th – 12th grade take the ISEE test. There will be a $140 fee.  Go to to register your child.

Q: When do I start paying fees?
A. For returning students tuition, the first tuition payment is due June 1. For new students, the first tuition payment is due August 1.