At Faith West Academy, our philosophy is lived out in a community of believers, where we welcome students from all religious faiths and even those who do not hold to any particular set of religious beliefs. Within this diverse setting, we openly model and express a faith consistent with a Biblical worldview while acknowledging that our own lives are works in progress and that we are constantly being shaped by our faith. However, within our acknowledgment of imperfection, we understand that as followers of Christ we are called to live exemplary lives reflective of the ethical and moral standards of Christ’s teachings. In light of this high calling, we accept that we are accountable to Christ, each other, our students, and our community to live as servants of Jesus Christ in the spirit of generosity and compassion while being responsive to the needs of those we serve. We identify these principles in three simple concepts….

REVERENCE for God and Truth
RESPECT for authority, others and oneself
RESPONSIBILITY for one’s own words and actions

To the families who entrust their children to us each year, we take very seriously our role of serving as workers together with you. We hold this sacred trust as stewards in a partnership, and passionately commit ourselves to our strategic role as a premier educational institution in developing your children morally, emotionally, intellectually, and physically to their highest potential.

Our hope is that when students graduate from Faith West, in addition to having the highest level of educational experience, they also will have discovered a passion for truth and a love for learning.   We pray that through the examples they have encountered, they will be agents of change, living as trustworthy and accountable stewards within God’s creation.

Faith West is proud of its academic standards (see our School Profile).  We are constantly evaluating our curriculum and our textbook selection to ensure our students receive the highest quality of education.  We use a combination of Christian and secular textbooks.