Drive-Thru Promotion Ceremonies

Instructions for Drive-Thru Promotion Ceremonies 

  • All participants should turn onto Katex Road off of Porter Road to enter the campus. Katex Road is the street that is north of Westside Auto. After turning onto Katex Road, please proceed to the police officer who will be standing at the carpool entrance.
  • The police officer will ask for your COVID-19 Symptom Certification form. He will also ask if your car will be participating in the drive-by ceremony or of you are only a spectator.
  • Those who are participating in the ceremony will be told to line up in the softball parking lot like you do for afternoon carpool. While you are lined up waiting, please make sure the graduate is sitting in the front passenger seat for the drive-thru ceremony.
  • Those who are spectators will be told to proceed down the carpool drive to the parking lot in front of the school. Another police officer will direct you to a parking space.
  • All spectators and participants must remain in their vehicles at all times. However, windows and sun roofs may be open.
  • The police officer will indicate to the participants when the drive-thru ceremony will begin. Please slowly proceed down the carpool drive and turn left in front of the Gym, following the car in front of you. Each car will pull up to the table in front of the main entrance to Faith West Academy.
  • As each car stops at the table, please roll down the passenger side window. The graduate will be presented with the diploma and an official picture will be taken. If you choose to do so, you can pull into a parking space to watch the rest of the ceremony. A police officer will direct you to the appropriate space. Otherwise, you can exit through the preschool parking lot.
  • Once the drive-thru ceremony is completed, all spectators and participants will exit the parking lot.