Carpool Information

All families must register for a carpool number during orientation even if they are picking up only their own children. You will receive carpool sheet with a number or with your child’s name. The name or the number determines your afternoon pick up location.  Please refer to the following map to understand the carpool flow for mornings and afternoons. 

AM and PM Carpool Map

Morning Drop Off

Classes for all grade levels begin at 7:45 am each day.  Please use the map link to see the drop off locations. You may drop off students beginning at 7:15 am at one of three locations described below.  Your student’s grade level determines the drop off location. If you need to drop off before 7:15 am, you can sign up for our Extended Care Program.

Preschool Drop Off – All preschool students MUST be dropped off at the Preschool Building.  There are no exceptions.  From 7:15-7:34 am, preschool staff members are available is the parking lot to take your child from your car and escort them into the building.  From 7:35-7:45am, you must park your car and escort your child into the building.

Elementary and Secondary Drop Off – Drop off begins at 7:15 am in the breezeway between Main Building and the Gymnasium. You may not drop off your students in any of the parking lot areas for them to walk from your car to the building.  You also may not drop your student off before 7:15 am and tell them to wait in the fountain area or any other place where you suspect an adult will be.  Expect a call from Administration if we find your student on campus before 7:15 am.  Secondary students dropped off before 7:35 will go to the Gym.  Elementary students dropped off before 7:35 will go to the cafeteria.  Safety patrol members will be available to ensure elementary students make it to the cafeteria.

Afternoon Pick Up

There are two pickup locations for afternoon carpool.  Preschool pick up will include all preschoolers, all students that have a preschool sibling, and kindergarten and first graders that do not have a sibling in higher grades. Your carpool number will remain the same as last, you are welcome to pick up a new number at orientation.  New families will pick up their carpool number during orientations.  Preschool carpool drivers will use last names for pickup.  Please use the map link to see the pickup locations.

Afternoon Carpool – Normal Day – 3:30 pm

Afternoon Carpool – Early Dismissal – Noon

Afternoon Carpool During Midterm and Final Exams – When Faith West secondary students take their midterm and final exams, carpool runs on a completely different schedule.  Please check the News and Events section of the Academy home page for details.

Carpool Schedule during Finals

Dec 17/ May 18
6th-12th grade students not taking an exam will be dismissed at 1:35 pm. Please pick students up at that time. We will not run an organized carpool at 1:35. There will be a 3:30 pm carpool on this day.

Dec 18-19/ May 19-20
Secondary students will be dismissed at noon (there will be carpool at noon). If your child only has a 7:45 am exam on either of these days, you will need to pick up at 9:50 am (this will not be a formal carpool.)

Dec 20/ May 21
There will be a carpool at Noon. There is no Extended Care on this day.  All students who normally go to Extended Care must be picked up by Noon.