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Socials and Dance Guidelines

In keeping with Faith West Academy’s vision, we want to provide our students and parents with the goals for the FWA school social events.  Our mission is to provide a fun, wholesome environment in which students may socialize and fellowship.  Through these events, we hope to provide a training ground for the students to develop skills in social etiquette and conduct.  In order to accomplish these goals, the following guidelines will be observed.
  • Once a student enters the designated area of the event, that student will not be allowed to leave and re-enter.  When the student leaves the designated area, the student must leave the property.  (No hanging out in parking lot or vehicles.)
  • All FWA social events are alcohol, tobacco, and drug free.  Our zero tolerance policy will be strictly enforced.
The following will not be acceptable:
  • Skin tight clothing
  • Any skin showing in the midriff area
  • Low-cut or backless tops (if it is too low in either the front or the back for a strapless bra to be worn, it is not acceptable.)
  • Skirts, dresses or shorts that are shorter than tips of finger when standing with arms by side
  • Male students may not be shirtless and shirts must have sleeves
  • Inflammatory or vulgar logos/costumes
  • Sensual dancing
  • Inappropriate closeness while dancing
Any student who is dressed inappropriately will be asked to fix the problem or that student will not be admitted to the dance or social.
If the event is only for high school students, then no junior high students will be allowed to attend.  No exceptions.

Non-Faith West Guests
If a student wants to invite someone from outside of Faith West Academy, they must get approval from the administration.  Approval for a guest may not be given at the door. The guest will not be admitted unless the Reservation and Release of Liability form is returned to the main office at least one day prior to the dance.  Please note that when bringing a guest from outside of Faith West Academy, that guest should be of the opposite gender and be no older than twenty.  Please also note that all Faith West Academy policies will be enforced at dances and socials.