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Faith West Projects

Faith West, Inc. is the governing entity with a focus on the long term success and vision of the organization. The organization currently has 4 operations:
  • Academy
  • Facility Use
  • Camps/Lake Operations
  • Missions/Donations
Once designated donations and/or enough non academy funds are accumulated, projects like the ones below commence. Because of the diversity of activities on and off premises, Faith West benefits from its collaborative structure.
  • Seven Oaks Project – You also can contact Gary Kerr if you have an interest in knowing the latest … (Discussed ideas – Commercial Development, Chapel, Additional Academy Campus, Sports Complex)
  • The Lake West Project (water park, suspension bridge, gazebos, kiddie wading pool, cabins, trails, lighted trails, bathrooms, trees)
  • Sports Facilities
  • Summer Camps (Day & Overnight Camps, Day Care Center Field Trips)
Your time and/or resources will help us “Plant Trees We May Never Sit Under.”  If you would like to financially support one of these projects, please click the Donate Now button to make a donation using PayPal. You can donate to the Organization or to a specific project. Your support DOES make a difference!