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“May the beauty of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17
Photography is available for 9th grade through 12th grade students.
Photography 101 is an introduction to digital photography.  Students will learn and apply traditional photographic compositional techniques and design while photographing with digital cameras.  Photo images will be downloaded into computers and manipulated with the use of Photoshop and other graphic software.  This course is designed to challenge the student’s aesthetic and technical application in producing fine quality photographs.   The dominant idea is to “Look until you SEE.”
Photography 102-104 courses are designed to allow students to expand their knowledge of digital photography prior levels of photography achievement.  Three areas of competency are monitored:
  1. PHOTOGRAPHIC MASTERY – the personal exploration and photographic experimentation
  2. COMPUTER MASTERY – the use of advanced Photoshop techniques of enhancement  for Graphic arts and design (commercial application) projects
  3. PASSING THE BATON – to share the skills learned with others (Photography 101 students) various photographic techniques (tips and tricks).
The dominant idea is to “Look until you SEE BETTER (than before).”
AP Studio Art is available upon the instructor’s review of the student’s artwork and work ethic. This class is designed for experienced, highly motivated, dedicated photography students. The Twenty-four quality digital images and 5 actual photographic works will be required for submitting a portfolio for 2D Design.  AP Studio Art is not based on a written exam; instead students are required to submit a finished portfolio to the AP College Board that demonstrates a high level of knowledge of technique and process, quality, and may demonstrate evidence of growth at the end of the school year.  While building your portfolio you will experience a variety of concepts, techniques, and approaches designed to help you demonstrate your abilities and versatility with techniques, problem solving and creative thinking.

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