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Creation is God’s artwork. He was the first creator, and He evaluated His works when they were finished. His creations communicate His truth, beauty and love to man. God’s creations offer both enjoyment and instruction. Because God created man with the ability to produce and appreciate beauty, the Visual and Performing Fine Arts Department at Faith West offers drama, choir, band, and visual arts programs in art and photography to inspire and guide the student’s development of artistic expression. The department provides opportunities for each student to discover, develop, and share the unique gifts of creativity God has given.
THE MISSION of the Visual and Performing Arts Department of Faith West Academy is to provide a Christ-centered, creative atmosphere for discovery, appreciation, and instruction in the Fine Arts.
Our faculty works to nurture and develop the creative and God-given talents in each student. This process of discovery, appreciation and instruction comes through early exposure, enrichment and participation in the elementary school years and develops into the in-depth, concentrated study at the secondary school level. A variety of hands-on opportunities exist for Faith West students through elective classes, special events, and extra-curricular competitions and community event participation.
From these experiences, we aim to build a deep love and appreciation for the arts in your children and to parents as well. We encourage your children to continue learning and developing their artistic skills for their lifetime, knowing that our Creator-God has made us in His image and allowed us to experience the power of creativity throughout our lives.
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