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Carpool Information

All families must register for a carpool number during orientation even if they are picking up only their own children. You will receive carpool sheet with a number or with your child’s name. The name or the number determines your afternoon pick up location.  Please refer to the following map to understand the carpool flow for mornings and afternoons.

Morning Drop Off

Classes for all grade levels begin at 7:45 am each day.  Please use the map link to see the drop off locations. You may drop off students beginning at 7:15 am.  Your student’s grade level determines your drop off and pickup location. If you need to drop off before 7:15 am, you can sign up for our Extended Care Program.
Preschool Drop Off – All preschool students MUST be dropped off at the Preschool Building.  There are no exceptions. Preschool staff members will meet you in the carpool lines at your car to escort you student into the building. If you arrive after 7:45, please ring the doorbell and a staff member will come to your car. Due to licensing regulations, parents will not be allowed to enter the preschool building.
Elementary and Secondary Drop Off – All K-12 students will be dropped off under the breezeway between the Gym and the Main Building starting at 7:15, unless the student driver is parking in the student lot. Morning drop-off begins at 7:15.  K-5 students arriving before 7:35 will go the Auditorium. K-12 students arriving before 7:35 will go to the Gym. Parents will not be allowed to walk their K-12 student into the building during morning drop-off.

Afternoon Pick Up

There are two pickup locations for afternoon carpool.  Preschool pick up will include preschoolers only.  If you have older siblings in K-12, you must go through the K-12 pickup in the breezeway and then proceed to preschool pick up for your preschool student. Your carpool number will remain the same as last year if you a returning student.  You are welcome to pick up a carpool sign with your number on it at Orientation.  
Afternoon Carpool – Normal Day – 3:30 pm
Afternoon Carpool – Early Dismissal – Noon
Afternoon Carpool During Midterm and Final Exams – When Faith West secondary students take their midterm and final exams, carpool runs on a completely different schedule.  Please check the News and Events section of the Academy home page for details.