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Student Grades

PlusPortals – Student Grades

PlusPortals is the online delivery tool for student grades and other student information.  You can access Plus Portals on your computer or using the mobile apps that are available for Android and iOS.

User IDs and Passwords

New families will receive IDs and passwords the first week of school. Please check your email for logon credentials. If you have not received your logon information by the second week of school, please contact Mrs. Harnisch at

Access PlusPortals on Your Computer

Rediker LogoYou can access PlusPortal through any computer with internet access. Go to or click the button on the left to launch the site.
Use the ONLINE INTERACTIVE TRAINING to become acquainted with viewing your child’s scores and progress.
NOTE: Faith West does not use all features that are available at this time.

Access PlusPortals on Your Phone

“Where can I find the apps?” — The apps can be used on Android and iOS and are found on iTunes or Google Play by searching for “ParentPlus” and “StudentPlus” or just “Rediker”.
“I can’t find the apps on iTunes using my iPad.” — Currently, ParentPlus and StudentPlus are specifically iPhone and iPod apps, but they can also be used on the iPad. To find the apps when searching for them on iTunes using an iPad, just make sure that iPhone apps are selected.
“I have downloaded the app. What’s next?” — When you first open the app, it prompts you to enter a school name. You will enter faithwestacademy as one word with no spaces. Sign in with your user name and password. This is the same user name and password that you use with PlusPortals on your computer.
“I’m getting an invalid school name error. What’s wrong?” — Please ensure that you are typing the school name without spaces. If you’re still receiving an error, please contact Faith West for further assistance.v