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Student Parking

All vehicles parked on campus are required to be approved by Administration and have an FWA parking sticker/placard identifying registration. Driving and parking a motor vehicle on the FWA campus is a privilege and all rules and regulations are to be obeyed at all times. Violation of any parking regulations or unsafe driving practices in the parking lot, or traveling to and from school, will result in the suspension of driving and parking privileges. Students may only park in the designated student parking lot and not in staff or guest parking areas. There is a $20 annual fee to park on campus.
Driving and parking a motor vehicle on the Faith West campus is a privilege granted by the Administration of FWA. In order to obtain campus driving privileges, the following guidelines must be adhered to:
  • All vehicles must display a current FWA parking placard hanging from the rearview mirror, or sticker on back windshield. Placards/stickers will be sold in the Business Office beginning the week prior to the start of the school year. Placards will be sold for $20. Students must present a completed application form and a driver’s license at the time of pickup. If a student loses a placard, a replacement may be purchased for a non-refundable fee of $20.00.
  • The student parking lot is located at the northeast corner of the school property. Students are to park in designated spaces only. Students are not to park in spaces marked for handicap parking, straddle more than one space, or block parking lot traffic flow.
  • Student-athletes and performing arts students participating in approved after school programs may not move their vehicles for after school practices or events.
  • After vehicles are parked, students must enter the main campus immediately. Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted.
  • Music from vehicles is not permitted to be heard outside the vehicle
  • The parking lot is secured and off limits to students during the school day. Pedestrian gates to the campus will be locked once school is in session.
  • All rules and regulations as stated in the student handbook, including the dress code, apply to the student parking lots on the FWA campus.
  • Safety and security are of the utmost concern. Students are to abide by the Texas Department of Public Safety Code at all times (see Violation of any parking regulations or unlawful/unsafe driving practices will result in the notification of law enforcement and suspension of parking privileges for a period of time determined by the Administration. This includes any reported unsafe driving or speeding while traveling to or from school.
Important: If your space is occupied, please do not park in another student’s parking space. Park in the main lot and notify the main office. We will take care of it immediately.
Understand that failure to comply with the student Driving and Parking Regulations is a violation and will result in a detention and may result in forfeiture of driving privileges at FWA. The parking permit is to be placed in the lower left corner of the back windshield so that it is easily seen from the outside. Detentions will be issued after September 8 to students whose vehicle does not have a permit. YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR PARKING PERMIT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS. YOU ARE TO PURCHASE A NEW PARKING PERMIT EVERY SCHOOL YEAR. Please remember that any time you switch cars you need to switch your parking permit to that car, and please remember to call the school office at 281-391-5683 to update your information with the main office. There is a $20.00 fee per parking permit, per student. Please make checks payable to FWA. For questions, please contact the Business Office at 281-391-5683.