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Graduation Requirements

Faith West follows a 4X4 Graduation Plan, which ensures all students have the basic requirements set forth by most colleges and universities. Even if your child is not planning to attend college immediately after graduation, their high school transcript will have what they need should they change their mind in the future.
The following chart illustrates the credit requirements high school.  Faith West offers pre-AP and AP versions of most core classes.
Bible 4
English 4
Social Studies 4
Math OR Fast Track Math* 4
Science 4
PE/Athletics 1
Foreign Lang. 2
Required Electives 5
–Speech .5
–Health .5
–SAT Prep .5
–Fine Art** 1
–Other Elective*** .5
Total Credits 26
* Faith West administers a test at the end of seventh grade to determine the students who qualify for Fast Track Math, which allows a student to take Algebra I in eighth grade and calculus in twelfth grade.
** Fine Art electives include Choir, Band, Photography, Theatre, Art, Floral Design, and Ag Mech.
*** Other Elective includes an additional credit from any of the required courses or electives, such as office aide, teacher aide, year book, or any of the Agriculture courses (Principles of AFNR, Ag Culture, Floral Design, Ag Mechanics, Wildlife, Horticulture, Vet Tech).

Guided Studies

Faith West encourages students to include at least one Guided Study in their day. This period can be used to complete homework, prepare for the following day, or receive tutoring in a particular subject.


There are four endorsement options, which allow students flexibility based on individual interests and career goals. Each endorsement category is designed to prepare students to successfully enter postsecondary education or the workforce upon graduation from high school. Specific requirements for each endorsement were adopted by the State Board of Education on January 31, 2014.
The endorsement and the careers areas to which they correspond are listed below:
  • STEM – Science, including computer science; Technology; Engineering and Mathematics (Algebra II, Chemistry, and Physics are required for the STEM endorsement);
  • BUSINESS & INDUSTRY – Agriculture, Food, and  Natural Resources; Architecture and Construction; Business Management and Administration; Finance; Hospitality and Tourism; Information Technology; Manufacturing; Marketing; Transportation; and Journalism, including broadcast journalism, newspaper, and public speaking;
  • ARTS & HUMANITIES –Social Studies; Languages other than English; Fine Arts; and English Language Arts;
  • MULTIDISCIPLINARY STUDIES – Allows students to take courses in several endorsement areas as listed above.