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Individualized Learning

Student Adapted Individualized Learning (SAIL) is the evaluation process used for every student at Faith West Academy.  Those entering FWA for the first time begin their evaluation process with an entrance test.  Elementary students take an achievement test and a brief intelligence test with an approved diagnostician.  Junior high and high school students take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).  The results of those tests, coupled with previous academic records, provide the initial information for placement at Faith West.
Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) is the foundational scripture for the SAIL process.  It says, “Train up a child in the way he should go…”  The key phrase is ”the way he should go.”  Through SAIL, we desire to partner with parents to find each child’s gifts and talents. Our ultimate purpose is to provide an educational opportunity that will allow a child to grow in the areas of his or her gifting. Therefore, SAIL is not just used to evaluate students academically.  We also evaluate students in the areas of athletics, fine arts, etc. in order to place them in the program that best suits “the way he should go.”
All of our departments work together in an effort to offer programs that work for each individual.  For our elementary students, we have a gifted and talented program for those who need the additional challenge.  We also have a math specialist and a reading specialist for those who need extra academic support from time to time.  For our secondary students, we have a learning lab that provides online classes for students who have scheduling conflicts or who work better in a self-paced environment.  The learning lab can also be used to restore credits when necessary. We also offer a wide variety of sports for both male and female athletes.  In addition, our fine arts department offers classes in art, theater, photography, band, speech and debate, and choir for those who are beginners as well as those who have more advanced talents.   We also have a thriving agricultural science department for those interested in everything from leadership to welding. For both elementary and secondary students, tutoring is offered several times during the school day.
Parents and teachers work together with the student and the academic advisor to walk through the SAIL evaluation process.  Once interests and giftings are identified, an academic and extracurricular plan is drafted specifically for the individual student.  A team of adults, which includes the parents, academic advisor, and teachers, monitor the progress and satisfaction of the student in order to make adjustments to the individual program for the student.