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Honor Code

Faith West students are expected to live their lives according to a code of conduct–the Honor Code.
Secondary students (6th through 12th grade) are required to sign the Honor Code. This pledge becomes part of their permanent file.
As a student of Faith West Academy, I pledge to exhibit reverence for God, respect for myself, others, and those in authority, and to take responsibility for my own actions.
Reverence to God – Reverence can be defined as “a feeling of deep awe and respect.”  It is through obedience to Him that we truly display reverence.
Respect to myself, others, and authority – From its Greek root timao, respect literally means “to place a great value on something.”  We are living examples of Christ as we show respect to others.
Responsibility for my own actions – Responsibility involves being personally accountable for words, attitudes, and actions. When our words, attitudes, and actions are consistent with the commands of Christ, we are living responsibly.
I will live out reverence, respect, and responsibility by committing to honesty, academic integrity, sportsmanship, and gratitude.
I will submit myself to the leadership of Faith West Academy and to the Code of Conduct (found in the Secondary Handbook).  I realize that my attendance at Faith West Academy is a privilege and not a right. I determine to give my best and to prayerfully support FWA and its philosophy of providing a quality education without compromising the Word of God.