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Philosophy of Education

The ultimate purpose of Christian education is to bring glory to God.  The more immediate purpose of Christian education is the reconciliation of the world to the Father.  The function that accomplished these purposes is the training by one generation of the subsequent generation in the knowledge and ways of Christ; such that the results are character and conduct, like Christ, in the individuals of that generation.
His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence ~~ 2 Peter 1:3
Therefore, Christian education must include the development of a Christian life in view in the student.  The student must learn to view all of his life through the glasses of the Bible fitted by the Holy Spirit.  He must have the conviction that the Bible is the absolute authority on all issues over any source of information that may conflict with it.
Since God is holy, individuals must receive His grace by faith to be acceptable to Him.  Since God is personal, Christian education must nurture relationship with Him in the student.  Since God is love, then Christian education must nurture that love in the student.  Since God is light, Christian education must co-labor with Him in its educational endeavors.  Since God is omniscient, Christian education must teach in harmony with the concept that all truth comes from and returns to God.  God has revealed Himself to man in the creation, in the Bible, and in Jesus Christ.  Therefore, these are appropriate avenues for the seeking of truth.
Since Jesus Christ is the truth, knowing Him fully is a rewarded statement of the purpose of Christian education.  Since He is that which is, was, and is to come, the study of anything that is actually true will ultimately lead one to know Jesus better and is a worthy undertaking for Christian education.  It is the receiving of the life in Christ that enables men to be enlightened.  Direct study of the life of Christ is a necessary part of Christian education.  Because of the work of Jesus Christ, man is now free and enabled to fulfill the purpose for which he was created.
Since the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, He must be allowed to lead in any pursuit of truth.  It is the Holy Spirit who actually has the direct interaction with individuals in bringing about the purpose and processes discussed herein.
God has created man with the ability to observe, investigate, understand reason and discover facets of truth.  His desire is to reveal Himself to man.  However, for the man who does not become born again, the education process is ultimately an exercise in futility.  Christian education for the believer must be under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  At salvation, the believer receives a re-created spirit that is able to receive direct communication from God.  Through the process of renewing of the mind, the believer’s mind and re-created spirit begin to agree according to God’s will and the Holy Spirit gains full expression in the believer’s life.  The student learns and grows both by the Holy Spirit bringing to him and by the Holy Spirit’s expression from within him.  Each of these processes is the necessary completion and fulfillment of the other.  This brings about the fulfillment of God’s purposes of man.