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Accreditation Information

Faith West Academy is accredited by the International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA), Cognia (Cognia), and is a member of Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI.)

ICAA Five-Year Reevaluation Visit Results
In 2017, Faith West Academy went through a review by the ICAA.  These reviews take place every five years.  We are pleased to announce that we received the highest marks in all areas.  Our next reevaluation visit will be in the Spring of 2022.
The following are excerpts from Chairperson’s Summary and Concluding Statements:

Areas of Strength
  • Gary Kerr, the Board of Trustees, and Administrative Team are to be commended for their exemplary leadership and commitment to obey God’s mandate to establish Faith West Academy. The vison to pursue excellence without compromise academically and spiritually in the lives of their students is highly commendable.
  • The school’s administrator and administrative team are to be commended for their strong commitment and leadership. The self-assessment was completed with tremendous professionalism, transparency and integrity.
  • Faith West staff exhibits the commitment to a Christ-exalting purpose, family culture, strong instructional program, nurturing and caring teachers, and safe environment.
  • The school’s administration, faculty and staff demonstrate a strong commitment to the mission of the school, dedication to the students, obedience to the call to this ministry, and selfless service.
  • The school’s parents express a high level of commitment to the school due to the school’s Christ centric program, Godly leadership, quality teachers and excellent academics. The parents love the school.
  • Students articulate the mission and purpose of the school at every age level. They love their leadership, administration, teachers and classmates.
  • Faith West has developed a comprehensive set of coursework, including advanced classes and a variety of electives designed to meet individual student needs. The school’s program allows for learning experiences that ensure that all students have sufficient opportunities to develop learning, thinking and life skills that prepare students for success.  The college-prep curriculum is rigorous and TEKS-aligned. Students who graduate from Faith West are well-prepared to enter the college arena.  Faith West is to be commended for implementation of the Rubicon Atlas Curriculum program which allows for efficient access and modification of curriculum.
As a result of the site team’s visit, Faith West Academy has been recommended for continued accreditation!