Faith West Academy Staff

The Faith West Academy faculty and staff are committed to the success of our teachers, coaches, parents, and most importantly our students.

Preschool Faculty Elementary Faculty Secondary Faculty


Gary Kerr
Pastor and Founder
Started with FWA 1983

Allen Strickland

Allen Strickland
School Chaplain
Started with FWA 1986


Mary Strickland
B.S., Univ. of Houston
M. Ed., Regis University
Started with FWA 1986

Jeanna Bickerstaff
Asst. Princ. of Curric. and Instruction
M.Ed., Univ. of St. Thomas
Started with FWA 2011

Vicky Gough
Business Manager
Started with FWA 1992


Cathy Sturm
Dir. of Admissions
Started with FWA 2018


Administrative Support Staff

Paula Harnisch
Ad. Asst. to Mrs. Strickland
Started with FWA 1994

Melody Tryon
Ad. Asst. to Mrs. Strickland
Started with FWA 2014

Allyson Woods
Welcome Desk
Started with FWA 2015

Student Support Staff

Kim Derry
Secondary Academic Advisor
B.S. in Psychology and Sociology, Houston Baptist Univ.
Started with FWA 2007

Erica Bailey
Student Advocate

Started with FWA 2020

Stephanie Aldridge
School Nurse
Started with FWA 2020

Erran Grigar

Erran Grigar
Elem English Intervention
Neuhaus Education Center
Started at FWA 2013

Jean Roberts
Elem Math Intervention
B.S., Texas Tech University
Started at FWA 2015

Development Department

Cheri Larson
Development Director
Started with FWA 2013




Athletic Department

David Adams
Athletic Director
Started with FWA 2016

Sandy Brown
Athletic Admin. Asst.
Started with FWA 2002

Technology Department

Keith Walsh
IT Director
Started with FWA 2013

John Landry
IT Support
Started with FWA 2019

Cedric Haberhausen
Started with FWA 2015


Ronnie Martin
Facilities Supervisor

Orlando Mendoza

Carl Forman


Maria Anguiano – Manager

Cristian Duron

Maria Duron

Jasmen Esqueda

Maria Victoria Tenesaca

Heidy Hernandez