Student Technology Help Page

Faith West is committed to providing students with the materials needed to be successful with new classroom technologies.

Requesting Technology Help

Computer assistance is available to students who participate in the 1:1 School Owned Device Plan. Any student can request assistance with email or PlusPortal.

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1:1 School Owned Devices

If you use a Surface 3 or Surface 4 that is owned by Faith West and provided as part of your tuition, you can request help at any time by visiting the Technology Office, which is located on the first floor of the Main building near the fountain. If your device is broken or not functioning in any way, please visit the Technology Office for repairs or to obtain a new device if your device cannot be repaired quickly.

Printer Problems

If you cannot connect to a home printer, please email Mr. Walsh ( to set up a time when he can remote in to your device in the evening and make the necessary changes to connect your surface to your home printer.

Setting Your Email to Your Phone or Tablet

You can add your Faith West email to your phone or tablet in the same way you add any other email address.

Add your Faith West email as an Exchange account.  If you are prompted for a Username and Server, use your full email account as the Username and as the server.

Forwarding Your School Email to Your Personal Email

If you already are in the habit of checking a personal email account, you might choose to forward your school email to your personal email.

  1. Select Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Under My app settings, select Mail.
  3. Under the Mail, select Accounts and then Forwarding.
  4. Select Start Forwarding and enter your personal email account.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Send a test message from your personal email account to your school account to ensure forwarding is happening as expected.

Portal Access – Grades and Schedules

You can access the PlusPortal Web Site to view your grades and your schedule. You will use your new Faith West email account as your user name. Check your email for your new access information. See the PlusPortals web page for more details on using the tool.

Connecting Your Surface to a Home Wireless Printer

You can always connect to a home printer using the printer’s USB cable. If you want to connect to a wireless printer, you can use the following instructions as a general guide since your level of operating system and personal preferences will vary.

  1. Click on Start and then Devices and Printers
  2. The printer window will open.  Towards the top menu will be a button called Add a printer.
  3. Click the Add a printer button.  It will search the network for the printer.
  4. Once it lists the printer, click on the printer name and click Next.
  5. It will install the drivers.

Office 365

Faith West Academy provides each Secondary student with a school email address that must be used for school-related communication.  Microsoft Office 365 is a hosted cloud-based service that provides tools such as e-mail and online document viewing and editing. You can read more about the Office 365 service on Microsoft’s Office 365 for Education page.

Please use the following links to understand how to use Office 365.

Please use the following link if your teacher asks that your work be submitted using

Surface Pro Accessories and Replacement Parts

While the Surface device itself is warranted and will be replaced if damaged, the pen, charger and keyboard are not warranted.  In the event they are damaged or lost, we suggest the following replacement/spare accessories:

Pen Power Adapter Keyboard Screen Protector


For sales info contact:

Steve Ihnatiuk — — 877-689-6116 — Mention Keith Walsh for best pricing.