mu-alpha-theta-logoMu Alpha Theta is a National High School and collegiate Honor Society. We have nearly 100,000 members in over 2,000 schools. We are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school.

Faculty Advisor

Christina Martin –

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be in high school, in grades 9 through 12.
  • Pay a membership fee.
  • Have completed the equivalent of two years of college preparatory mathematics, including Algebra I and Geometry.
  • Be currently enrolled in a mathematics course at Faith West Academy.
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average in the mathematics course.
  • Attend monthly meetings each month.
  • Participate actively in the mathematical life of the school.

Graduation Honor Cords

Mu Alpha Theta graduation honor cords can be purchased by seniors in good standing at the end of the year and will be presented at an awards ceremony. The cords are blue and gold.

2015 – 2016 Officers

  • President: Rebecca Lockyear
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:

Meeting Dates

  • To be determined

Patch for Jacket

The following patch may be purchased for Faith West spirit and letter jackets. The blue background depicts the truth of mathematics — unlimited as a blue sky. Gold signifies that mathematics is a valuable treasure. The insignia is the simple and elegant proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.