Bible Studies and Discipleship

Roots, FriendTalk, and C2 Gathering are Bible study and discipleship gatherings for high school students.
C2 Gathering is a large-group Bible study for guys and girls in high school with teaching and testimony.
Roots is a small-group discipleship Bible study for guys in high school.

FriendTalk is a Bible reading program between high school American students and International students.

2019 Meeting Dates (Mondays)
  • 4/1 – Roots (H period) in B1
  • 4/1 – FriendTalk (lunch) in B1
  • 4/8 – Leadership (lunch) in B1
  • 4/15 – Roots (H period) in B1
  • 4/15 – FriendTalk (lunch) in B1
  • 4/29 – C2 Gathering (lunch) in theater room
  • 5/6 – Leadership (lunch) in B1
  • 5/13 – C2 Gathering (lunch) in theater room