aquila-logoAquila is the Latin word for eagle, the perfect name for a newsletter featuring the Faith West Eagles! Each month Aquila contains articles about sports, clubs, societies, and special events of the Faith West Secondary students. Additionally, Aquila features poems, art, Bible devotions, short stories, and other articles, created by Junior High and High School students. If you are interested in writing, art, photography, and graphic design, this is the club for you! The club is open to all Junior High and High School Students.

Faculty Advisor

Karen Stover –

2015-2016 Staff

  • Paul Sun, 11th Grade
Staff Reporters
  • Kassie Billeck, 9th Grade
  • Ethel Deng, 9th Grade
  • Shirley Gong, 12th Grade
  • Kat Kelley, 9th Grade
  • Minji Kim, 9th Grade
  • Caleb Mendoza, 11th Grade
  • Maddi Muse, 9th Grade
  • Rain Wang, 11th Grade
  • Kelsey Wylie, 9th Grade