Agriculture and FFA

ffa-logoThe Agriculture and FFA Program of Faith West Academy is open to students in 3rd – 12th grade. Students in 3rd-6th grade may join our Jr. FFA Program where they can raise a livestock animals or participate in livestock and horse judging. Students in 7th -12th grade may begin taking Agriculture courses and MUST be enrolled in an Agriculture course in order to be in the FFA Program.

The agriculture and FFA programs work as a three-part model consisting of classroom instruction, supervised agricultural experiences, and the FFA. Classroom agricultural education is applied to hands-on learning opportunities called supervised agricultural experiences (SAEs). SAEs include activities such as starting a business, working for an established company, or working in production agriculture. The FFA provides members the opportunity for leadership experience and competitions, scholarships, and personal opportunities for involvement.

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education. Agricultural education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber, and natural resources systems.

Our Program

At Faith West Academy, we have an agriculture program where students can select from a variety of courses in which to enroll. As a first year student in our program, everyone must take Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. From there students can take courses such as: Livestock Production, Equine Science, Advanced Animal Science, Principles and Elements of Floral Design, Horticulture Science, Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management, Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technologies, and Agriculture Power Systems. The following items are available for use by the students in our program:

  • Agriculture Mechanics shop with 4 arc welders, 2 MIG welders, and an oxy-acetylene rig
  • Floral cooler for the floral design and horticulture students
  • FFA barn that contains 4 large stalls for cattle and 13 small pens for lambs, goats, and hogs
  • Two feed rooms for students to store all of their supplies
  • A wash rack that has a large area for tie up spots plus 4 additional pens for hogs.

With the FFA program, our students are not just limited to raising livestock. Students can participate in LDEs (Leadership Development Events) which focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, and communication. We also have CDEs (Career Development Events) that build on what is learned in the agriculture classrooms and encourage members to put their knowledge to practice. There are different speaking events, talent contest, and an AgriScience Fair.

Our students also attend the Texas FFA State Convention where they listen to keynote and motivational speakers, meet other students from around the state, hear from their Texas FFA Officer Team, and have a little fun at a Fun Night. The Texas FFA is one of the nation’s largest state FFA associations with more than 106,000 members and more than 1,045 FFA chapters. FFA gives students the opportunity to apply practical classroom knowledge to real world experiences through local, state, and national competitions. Faith West Academy FFA has more than 30 FFA members and numerous junior FFA members.

FFA Booster Club

The FFA Booster Club offers parents a place to stay actively involved in the program along with our students. The Booster Club’s goal is to help support our students and raise money for them to receive scholarships, attend conventions, and participate in contests.

Livestock Shows

We are a part of the Harris County Livestock Show where students can show rabbits, chickens, turkeys, lambs, goats, pigs, or cattle. The Harris County Livestock Show is typically in the middle of October, so students will raise their animals over the summer break. We also have several students that participate at the major stock shows: Fort Worth Stock Show, San Antonio Livestock Show, Houston Livestock Show, and Austin Livestock Show. We have taken heifers, pigs and rabbits to these various shows.

Awards for 2016-2017

Fort Bend County Fair
  • Grand Champion English Steer;  Alyssa Hodges.
Harris County Fair
  • Grand Champion Broilers; Zoe Cobb.
  • Heifer – 1st Place Division and 1st Place Showmanship; Lauren Maxwell.
  • Welding Competition – Jaron Humphrey, Jason Morris, Hunter Jordan, Andrew Sprigener, Noah Woods, and Sterling Peay.
Leadership Development Events
  • Radio Broadcasting – 13th Place District; Zoe Cobb, Jason Morris, and Jenny Vaughn.
  • Skeet Shooting Competitions –  2nd Place High Individual; Jakob Humphrey.
  • Skeet ShootingTeam – 3rd Overall;  Zach Smith, Jakob Humphrey, Hunter Jordan, and Jason Morris.
Washington County Fair
  • Livestock Judging Team – 4th Place;  Phil Dunn, Jason Morris, and Zach Smith.
  • Top Junior Judging Competition; Abbie Terry.
Waller County Fair
  • Top Junior Judging Competition; Abbie Terry.

Awards for 2015-2016

Harris County Fair (October 13-17)
Livestock Judging Team: Sterling Peay, Nataley Berry, Shelby Bailey, Jenny Vaughn
  • 1st Place Overall Team out of 47 Teams ( 156 participants in the whole contest)
  • High Individual Overall – Sterling Peay, $1,000.00 Scholarship, Champion Belt Buckle
  • 9th Place Overall Individual – Jason Morris
  • 12th Place Overall Individual- Jenny Vaughn
  • Other Participants: Zach Smith, Tyler Vaughn
Welding Team:
  • 1st Place Division 2 Champion Team: Colton Elkins, Jason Morris, Sterling Peay
  • High Individual Welder Division 2 – Colton Elkins
  • 3rd High Individual Welder Division 2 – Jason Morris
  • 3rd Place High Individual Cutting Torch (24 seconds cut) – Colton Elkins
Junior Breeding Heifers:
  • Shelby Bailey, 1st Place, Reserve Champion American Division ( Top 6 Heifers of the entire show)
  • Nataley Berry, 7th Place
  • Shelby Bailey, Showmanship Top 5
Market Steers:
  • Tyler Maxwell, 5th Place
Market Hogs:
  • Shelby Bailey, 3rd Place
  • Lauren Maxwell, 7th Place
  • Zach Smith, 11th Place
Market Goats:
  • Hunter Jordan, 5th Place
  • Caden Martin, 7th Place
Market Lambs:
  • Zoe Cobb, 7th Place
Baked Goods / Home Economics:
  • Shelby Bailey, 2nd place Cookies
  • Nataley Berry, 2nd Place Cookies
  • Savannah Garland, 2nd Place Toffee, 2nd Place Cake, 3rd Place Cookies, 3rd Place Pastry

Houston Community College LDE Contest*: 10.23.2015 Katy, TX
Greenhand FFA Creed Team: Addison Martin 10th Place out of 17 contestants
Sr. FFA Creed Team: Lauren Wilson 5th Place out of 18 contestants
Greenhand FFA Quiz: Paul Sun 23rd Place

Aggiefest LDE/Livestock Judging Contest: 10.24.2015 College Station, TX
Greenhand FFA Creed Team: Addison Martin 8th Place out of 20 contestants
Greenhand FFA Quiz: Paul Sun: 16th Place out of 41 contestants

Livestock Judging Team: (95 Teams and 256 Contestants)
(39th Place Team) Faith West Blue –  Jason Morris 75th Indv., Jenny Vaughn, Alyssa Hodges
(56th Place Team) Faith West Red – Sam Bulkley, Phillip Dunn, Robinson Montero

* LDE Contests consist of 13 different events which focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication, and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. FFA Creed contests are a public speaking event where, after reciting the Creed from memory, the student must answer pertinent facts about the FFA Creed and history of the FFA. FFA Quiz contests include a rigorous test over the FFA, Parliamentary Procedure, Texas and U.S. agricultural, and farm facts and statistics along with agricultural issues and current events.

Awards for 2014-2015

Leadership Development Events 

  • Agriculture Advocacy – 1st Place Team at District, 10th Place Team at Area
    Nataley Berry, Zoe Cobb, Tyler Vaughn, Jason Morris
  • Greenhand Creed Speaking – 3rd Place at District
    Lauren Wilson
  • Radio Broadcasting – 4th Place at District
    Brady Smith, Colton Elkins, Jaclyn Adams
  • Chapter Quiz – 6th Place at District
    Shelby Bailey, Hannah Stokan, Jessica Stokan, Tyler Vaughn
  • Senior Creed Speaking – 10th Place at District
    Hannah Kimble

Career Development Events

  • Farm Business Management Team – 5th Place Team at Katy Invitational
    Jessica Stokan, Brady Smith, Zoe Cobb, Colton Elkins
  • Farm Business Management Team – 2nd High Point Individual at Katy Invitational
    Jessica Stoka
  • Livestock Judging Team
    Nataley Berry, Lauren Wilson, Shelby Bailey, Tyler Vaughn
  • Horse Judging Team
    Hannah Stokan, Jessica Stokan, Morgan Bailey


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact Kristin Baker ( We look forward in hearing from you!

Letter Jacket

Student must have completed one year as an FFA member and be enrolled in an Agriculture course. In addition, student also must have competed in a Leadership Development Event (LDE), a Career Development Event (CDE), shown a livestock animal, or served on the officer team.