Preschool Faculty

The preschool faculty at Faith West are ready to love your children and instill in them a love for learning and a love for God.

Renee Phillips Preschool/Extended Care Director

Renee Phillips
Preschool/Ext. Care Director

Shannon Chance Preschool Asst Director

Shannon Chance
Preschool Asst Director

Charlotte Greene 2nd Grade B.A., Houston Baptist Univ. Started at FW 1992

Charlotte Greene
Asst Extended Care Dir.

Sandy Bintliff Bridge

Sandy Bintliff

Jessica Ingram Preschool 4 Year Olds

Jessica Ingram
4 Year Olds

Nahomi Gonzalez Preschool 2 Year Olds - Aide (MWF)

Nahomi Gonzalez
4 Year Olds (MWF)

Lauren Garay
 3 Year Olds

Lisa Plette Preschool 3 Year Olds (MWF)

Lisa Plette
3 Year Olds (MWF)

Patricia Keith Preschool 2 Year Olds

Patricia Keith
2 Year Olds

2 Year Olds Asst. .

Preschool Aide
Open Position