The Theatre program at Faith West is comprised of Theatre Class and Theatre Performance.

Theatre Class enables students to further develop drama skills for the purpose of becoming confident and efficient in expressing God’s truth.  Jesus commonly used storytelling, narratives, and dramatic readings to engage His audience and have them understand truth on a deeper, more personal level. Drama is an excellent opportunity for students of all skill levels to become confident presenters of the gospel.  Theatre also teaches that students have many skills. It teaches them to work hard, practice new skills, aim high, reach for excellence, and work cooperatively in a group. Classroom instruction will teach students the history and terms of drama and the styles of acting.

Theatre Performance is open to all students in 7th through 12th grade. It allows students to continue to participate in a theatre production without being in JH or HS theatre class. Participation in this production is considered as an extracurricular activity.  Each student who earns a part in the show — whether on stage, behind the scenes, or in the technical area — is required to commit to the rehearsal schedule and other requirements.

Curriculum Information

Instructor: Daniel Barrett,
Text book resource: The Stage and the School

Fine Arts Letter Jacket

Your student may qualify for a Fine Arts Letter Jacket.


Winter 2018 Theatre Performance

Open to all 4th – 12th grade students

Performances – December 14 & 15, 2018 at 7:00 pm in Auditorium

2018 TAPPS One Act Play

Sending Down the Sparrows is a work of historical fiction that bears witness to the systematic persecution and extermination of the handicapped by Nazi Germany through the character of Viktor, a young man who is a reluctant member of the Hitler Youth. Viktor has a secret; a mentally handicapped sister who is the ward of a state institution. Viktor soon finds himself caught between the Nazi ideologies of racial and genetic purity and the love of a sister for whom he feels shame. As the play unfolds, he must choose whether to continue protecting his secret himself or to come to the defense of his sister. The author, Laura Lundgren Smith, is a native Texan who lives in Fort Worth.


  • Josh Romero – Viktor
  • Casey Larson – Alina
  • Dan Owen – Josef
  • Ethan Auzenne – Karl
  • Felise Bressler – Nurse
  • Thomas Cedeno – Officer/Blind Man/Doctor
  • Brittany Garland – Inspector/Person 1
  • Allie Hilton – Teacher/Admin 2/Nurse 2
  • Gemma Prince – Admin 2/Person 2
  • Matthew Stewart – Leader/Guard
  • Kate Lobpries & Faith Seybert- Asylum Patients
  • Amelia Pimentil, Bianca Parr, Robyn Turner – Female Hitler Youth & Nurses

District II-4 Competition

October 29 & 30, 2018 at Reicher Catholic School in Waco, TX