Greetings and Welcome to the Faith West Choir Program! We look forward to yet another rewarding year in Choir! We hope you will come join us at a Choir performance soon!

“When words leave off, music begins.” ~ Heinrich Heine
“Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord…come before His presence with singing.” ~ Psalmist, Ps. 100

2016-2017 Choir Calendar


Laura Bettis ~
Grades 4-5 Music, 6th Grade Choir Wheel , JH and HS Choral Director

Overview and Philosophy

Welcome to the FWA Choir web page! It is a joy and a privilege to lead students in song! At Faith West Academy, we believe that music education is a crucial part of the development of the whole person, and that music plays a vital part in the worship of our heavenly Father.  Therefore, music has great inherent value! In choir, we seek not only to train students in the mechanics of choral singing, but to also build strong musicianship and develop musical sensitivity and appreciation, so that these talents may be used and enjoyed.  Singers are encouraged to utilize their gifts through a variety of performance opportunities, building self-confidence and presentation skills as they share their music with others and as an offering of praise to God. The choir family gets together for out of school activities such as a meal at a favorite restaurant or going to the movies.

Choral singing teaches various life lessons: commitment, working together, achieving a goal, and creating a work of beauty through hard work and diligence. It provides opportunity to learn discipline, and challenge to achieve excellence. It gives joy to both the listener and the singer alike. In worship, it pleases our Creator! The Bible tells us that the Almighty Himself sings…

“…He will rejoice over you with singing. “ ~ Zephaniah 3:17

Thus, music is an activity of heaven! In fact, it is a gift from God above, and we, His people, can lift our voices in response to Him with joyful praise! So…come sing with us!

Choir Participation

The Choir elective is open to all students in grades 7-12. No audition is required to enroll in Choir, but informal vocal assessments will take place in class to determine voice part and appropriate placement.

Throughout the year, students experience multiple opportunities for performance, including:

  • Special events (Veterans’ Day, Graduation, Fine Arts Gala)
  • Christmas caroling, holiday bazaar singing, concerts, etc
  • Outreach/mission singing (Hospitals, nursing homes)
  • Spring Contest and/or Festival trip with performance
  • Field trip to professional group performance (opera, musical theater company)
  • Involvement in FWA musical theater productions
  • Additional performances as we are invited or afforded the opportunity in our community

Choir students also have the opportunity to participate in solos, small ensembles, and/or madrigals at the TAPPS vocal contest each spring. Past choir students have also opted to audition for the Region 23 All-Region Choir at the Jr. High level. Outside work on solos/ensembles/audition material is challenging, as it requires independent rehearsal and strong self-discipline, but this process is very rewarding! Participation is optional, yet encouraged!


Due to the performance-based nature of the Choir elective, grading will be as follows:

  • Performance – 50% (All concerts, contests, performances are required.)
  • Daily Participation – 50% (includes in-class singing, attitude, written theory assignments, etc.)

Choir Fundamentals

Throughout the year, students will work together with the director to develop:

  • Understanding of written musical notation
  • Sight-reading abilities
  • Good vocal technique and pure tone quality
  • Appreciation for a variety of musical genres
  • Ability to harmonize and blend in 2, 3, or 4-part music
  • Basics of music analysis
  • A team spirit and sense of family! Choir is all about togetherness and fun!!!

2016-2017 State Choir Awards

Special Congratulations to the Faith West High School Choir, who traveled to San Antonio for the 2017 State Vocal meet at St. Mary’s University. The choir came away with 23 medals and a Division 1 Superior rating on their mixed ENSEMBLE performance.

Division 1 Superior Piano Solo
  • Nathan Park
Division 1 Superior Vocal Solo
  • Chris Nguyen
  • Jonathan Rightmire
  • Savannah Garland
  • Eleni Mote
  • Jessica Gorski
  • Ethel Deng
  • Natalie Hall
  • Alexandra Gardner
Division 1 Excellent Vocal Solo
  • Kylie Davis
  • Sam Xing

Fine Arts Letter Jacket

Your student may qualify for a Fine Arts Letter Jacket.