Admission Applications

Nondiscrimination Statement: In the spirit of Christian unity and the love that Christ shows for all humankind, Faith West Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national origin, or physical disability.  However, Faith West Academy does reserve the right to use appropriate selection criteria during the admissions process.

Why Choose Faith West Academy

Our Admissions Director, Julie Cummins

Registration and Withdrawal Policies

Please read the Faith West Registration and Withdrawal Policies to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures.

2018-2019 New Student Admissions

To offer our currently enrolled families a better chance at a limited number of classroom seats, FWA holds a reenrollment period from February 1 through February 15. After February 15, remaining classroom seats are opened to prospective new students. The reenrollment and general enrollment periods continue until all seats are filled.

New Student Admissions for 2018-2019

Preschool New Student Registration 2018-2019 Preschool Handbook

Elementary New Student Registration 2018-2019 Elementary Handbook

Secondary New Student Registration 2018-2019 Secondary Handbook  Secondary Honor Code

International New Student Registration 2018-2019 Secondary Handbook  Secondary Honor Code

Admissions Process

The registration process begins when all fees, completed application, report cards, transcripts, and testing results are received in the Registrar’s office. The Director of Admissions will review the entire file to assess how well FWA may be able to meet the applicant’s needs. Students and their parents are required to interview with the Administrator and/or Assistant Administrator before admission is gained. The application process may take 30 days or longer to complete.


Elementary and High School – The deadline for receiving applications and all required documents is July 31st.

Preschool – The preschool has a rolling admissions policy.  Please feel free to apply at any time.