Eagle Excellence Award Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to our students who were awarded the Eagle Excellence Award for first semester! The Eagle Excellence Award is awarded once per semester to students who:

  • Demonstrate excellent attitude in class toward peers and/or teachers.
  • Demonstrate excellent performance in academics/extracurricular activity.
  • Demonstrate excellent leadership in academics or attitude.  (Influences classmates to maintain or improve grades or behavior)
  • Demonstrate excellent character toward peers.  (Especially new or struggling students)

Our Eagle Excellence recipients for first semester are:

  • Kindergarten: Harvey Garnett
  • First Grade: Claire Kinuthia
  • Second Grade: Harrison Garnett
  • Third Grade: LJ Broussard (Ms. Schuetzle’s class)
  • Third Grade: Sydney Hall (Ms. Strange’s class)
  • Fourth Grade: Sarah Troxel
  • Fifth Grade: Valerie Quintero

Each child received an eagle medal and a certificate that states why their teacher chose them to receive this award. We are so proud of each of these children and how they continue to exemplify Excellence Without Compromise.