Summer Assignments Posted

Summer Assignments are required for the following: Elementary Reading (Kindergarten through 5th) Elementary Math (Kindergarten through 5th) Secondary English (6th through 12th) Secondary Social Studies (9th through 12th) NOTE: If you transfer from a college prep level class to a … Continue reading

Summer Camps: Athletic and Academic

Need something for your children to do this summer?  Maybe we can help!!   Academic Camps      Athletic Camps      Camp West

Please Consider Donating Your Used Uniforms

Spring Cleaning your Closets?? Please consider donating all your CLEAN FWA uniforms, spirits shirts, and outerwear to the PTO used uniform closet.  The used uniform donation bin is located in the hallway outside the ETC. Office.  The money generated from these donations … Continue reading

Camp West 2018: Register Now!!


No Cell Phone Use In Carpool Line

The safety of our students is important. Please refrain from using your cellphone in the school zone while your car is in motion in our parking lots in the carpool line

Year Book Photos Needed

In order to fill our yearbook up with as many memories as possible, we need your pictures! We would like every student to be represented in the yearbook. We invite you to share your pictures of the students, both group and individual, … Continue reading