BJU Textbook Help

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for reaching out regarding the Bob Jones digital textbook issues. We believe we have figured out the issue. Here are the steps to correct the problem.

  1. Completely restart your computer. Allow any updates to update
  2. Open Edge (not Chrome) browser. This is the blue e icon.
  3. Log back into dashboard.shelfit.comusing your username and password, click “external ebooks” and then click on your Bob Jones text.
  4. Click “skip this step” if necessary and then you should be able to see your book.

You must restart completely for this to work.

If you have done all 4 steps above and still cannot see your book, please email me at and I will get back with tech support.  We appreciate your understanding in all of this.

In His Service,

Jeanna Bickerstaff

Assistant Principal